Executive Funeral Home and Burial Fund

About Us

Churches of Africa Executive Funeral Home and Burial Fund was established in 1999 to form strong allies with the less fortunate; those that were exploited by ruthless service providers, when it came to the loss of their loved ones; and to lessen the strain of the financial burden that came at times to those that were ill-prepared. This organization’s core focus is not only based on profitability but fills the need for the ministry of caring and sharing; and to ensure that every person’s last wish should be fulfilled even to the grave; this is where we found that “happy –medium” by assisting the less fortunate honoring their loved ones with a dignified “send off”. Churches Of Africa’s idea is to give power back to the people, with the mission and standard of providing a “Service of Excellence & With a Difference”.

It is also our vision to become the preferred and first choice in this arena by making funerals more affordable. To date, we have established strong connections and business relationships with well over 4000 church organizations; that due to our system of affordability, personal involvement, excellent service, hands-on approach, and efficiency; these churches have chosen to be affiliated with Churches Of Africa in supporting this vision. We are humbled by our achievement thus far; by stating that Churches Of Africa is, therefore, one of the fastest growing burial funds in the greater KZN Province. Churches Of Africa is underwritten by KGA Life Ltd, an authorized financial services provider, and all statutory and legal requirements are fully complied with.